About Us

Truequear.com is a website dedicated to connecting people who are interested in the exchange of objects, favors and information.
Everyone has a lot of things in disuse. He bought them on a whim, he does not like them anymore, and above all he has interest and need for many others.


Truequear.com. A site where, under the rules of common sense, users can exchange all kinds of things.
– From someone who is going to buy a house and they need furniture. This is your site.
– Someone who dies kilos and kilos of oranges a year and would prefer to exchange them for tomatoes, pears, apples ….
– From a student who needs a book, who needs certain notes and in return can offer many more.


But, we did not want to stay there either. We came up with the idea of ​​betting on favors.
So, it would be much easier and we can even meet people who have our same affinities. Become friends
– From someone who urgently needs English classes and can give tennis lessons or conversation in Spanish.
– Someone who teaches yoga, in exchange for being taught to play the saxophone.
– And even change your beach apartment for a few weeks with a native who will leave your home in London.


In this way, we also came up with the idea of ​​exchanging information. Tricks, tips, secrets, own poems, writings, stories, narrations, information about trips, places, places …
In order to know, know and know. Meet people, open new doors, know more things, be able to travel with the information provided by others …


For this and much more we need you. Truequear.com is a page that we all do. With our articles, our favors, our information.
It would be nice, if it was not money that would prevent us from having such and such a thing. That it was not money that prevented us from traveling, that prevented us from knowing more things, doing more things.

On the other hand, if you have any problem, doubt, advice or any concern, do not hesitate to send a private message to the user Trucking. You can find it in the category “Information” or by putting in the search engine: barter, doubt, advice, improvements, information. If not, you can send an email to info@truequear.com.

The Ag. Of Data Protection requires the identification of the companies that own information files, therefore, if you want this information send an e-mail to info@truequear.com and it will be provided as soon as possible, thanks .